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songs of zoom and buzz cover art It all started with Songs of Zoom and Buzz. Pete and Ms. Joey Ramone wrote songs and put 'em on tape. This release has one of the scarier songs out there re: appliances and a beautiful a cover of a Daniel Johnston standard. It also has one instrumental song and another with an extensive jammy interlude. A deliquent masterpiece.
Not Zombie
Fake Fool
Pressure Cooker Boy
You're Shaken I'm Stirred
Palm of My Hand
Drum Beat Zoom
Hey! Brother Mine
True Love Will Find You in the End
Shells and Shoes

Then came the excellent single called The Deviation Amplification Spiral.deviancy amplification spiral cover art Title taken from book on bad ass youth called "Resistance Through Ritual." Rebellion here is standing on chairs, listening to disco, and sporting a shaved head. Viva la revolution! This release contains a nice mention of John Travolta before he was king of Hollywood the second time. Both the bitter and the happy tracks here are top notch.

Hey! Liner notes! This record is now on CD on the Slampt comp which has its own blurb immediately below

Clicking It
Roll A Disco
Shaved Head Thrills
Chewing Broken Glass
Yeah, it's True

Seven Unlucky Sevens
Further proof that the Slampt record label is the paragon of virtue, they have released a CD (it's like a small record) which contains out of print early 7"s seven unlucky sevens cover art from such seminal bands as the Yummy Fur and Avocado Baby as well as our own heroes, Milky Wimpshake. It is the opinion of this milkywebmaster that "The Deviancy Amplification Spiral," which takes up tracks 24-28, is MW at its finest hour. From the opening "I'm carrying a torch for you/I'll carry your suitcase too, if you like" to the final "fuck you" rhyme on "Yeah, It's True," I can't imagine a better record. And I have a wicked great imagination. Also includes proof that Pavement's "Cut your hair" is not the best pop song about getting a haircut.

Same track listing as above

elastic jet mission cover art On Slampt's Elastic Jet Mission Cyanide Guilty Trip cyanide guilt trip cover art
compilation, Milky Wimpshake contribute two songs, Creepfoot and Spidey. Spidey is a bedroom comic song for the ages. The rest of the album rocks. Severely. on Cactus Gum Records has an alternate version of You're Shaken I'm Stirred and some other good stuff.

Play Love Songs for Punk Rockers love songs for punk rockers cover art is a fine description of the band and this gem. I will be deep in the ground before I stop characterizing "Cheque Card" as anything less than perfect. The rest of the songs prefigure Bus Route, which is good or bad depending on which side of the pop/punk aisle you sit. (I admire those who sit in the middle, blocking those dastardly conservative fillibusterers.) This release generated a little bit of buzz, getting played on college stations. Little did they know, that within the next five years, MW would get a bit more buzz and spun on many college stations. Who's laughing now? Hopefully you. Liners here.
Cheque Card
Kickstart Affair
My Heart Beats Faster than Techno
Milk Maid

bus route cover art In mid 1997, Milky Wimpshake broke new ground with its first CD, Bus Route to Your Heart. Doubling the recorded MW corpus, the album acknowledged influences, redid some earlier tunes and had plenty of new tracks. The production values and guitar driven songs mark this as a turn toward the power pop, pulled off with aplomb. Still, the humble self-reflection and clever rhymes ("Queens/refried beans/Lebanese") of early Wimpshake are not gone. Also, bilingual action!
I wanna be seen in public with you
'77 punk rock boy
I love you, you weirdo
Electric Shock
It might sound dramatic
Bar Code Punk
Palm of my hand
Mon Couer Bat Plus Rapidement que la Techno
Noam Chomsky versus the Ramones
Ex Boyfriend
Nightclub Voyeur Cliche
Bedroom Love Song
Golgo 13
Late Expectations
Phone Bill Fear
Blow out at 80 miles per hour

Take a Chance on Chances take a chance on chances cover art scandalized, traumatized, and baptized cover art Scandalized Traumatized and Baptized
is a CD co-released by Troubleman Unlimited and Slampt which features a version of Hey! Brother Mine, a nostalgia deliquent thing that was released first on their tape. Pete explains the song in the liner notes. Yee hah. Viva collaboration! Got to Troubleman's troubling site for more info. is the name of a double LP comp put out by Washington D.C.'s Paroxsym Records. It has Milky Wimpshake doing the Isley Brother's This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You). Yet another piece of the MW's love song lineage becomes clear. This record would be cool enough if it came with prefab cover art. But it's got hand painted cover art! Get it or be considered square (in a bad way).

[ Sometime around here, Pete recorded a song called Not Poetry and then forgot about it, until an enterprising fan sent it to him on a tape and MW decided to re-record it. And people say God is dead... ]

8/2000 Live Show As part of a US Red Monkey tour, Pete played a solo gig at Sound & Fury Records in NYC, USA. I was too lazy and religiously observant to check out the Saturday afternoon show but a certain punkrockmonkey, stalwart friend of the site (where have you gone?) taped it and even generously converted it into mp3 form. Check out the Billy Childish cover tune.

My Heart Beats Faster than Techno
'77 Punk Rock Boy
I Wanna be Seen in Public with You
Clicking It
Cowboys are Square
        Nightclub Voyeur Cliche
Noam Chomsky vs. the Ramones
It Might Sound Dramatic
Blow out at 80 mph
Cheque Card
Dialling Tone

Home is Where the Hate Is
home is where the hate is cover art Like it says in the liner notes, a release about what's wrong with England: provincialism, materialism, conformity, etc. But so much more...a battle between nostalgia and reality, classroom cliques as indicative of larger societal problems, the possibility of moments stolen from an overwhelmingly vapid lifestyle. Dedicated to two high school sweethearts who we hope didn't get married. Thick vinyl, fine coverwork (note phone 'BRRING'ing and valium). "Itchy Feet" is the best subversive MW since "Hey Brother Mine," and equally high on the Grand Catchiness Scale. Makes me want to piss in coffee and get out of this two bit town. [Ed. note -- I did, the town part, not the coffee one]. On Libellous Vinyl.

Home is Where the Hate is
Itchy Feet on Tuesday Night

The 7" called Dialling Tone has on one side a tribute to modern pop ballad aueters. dialling tone cover art The other side is the best MW phone song, and that's saying something. To further classify, Dialling Tone falls under the rubric of the "dump your boyfriend" song, and kiss my cliche-spawing grits if it doesn't make me want to get a boyfriend and proceed. Catchy catchy catchy! The double barrel cover on the "AA" side shows the wimpy side of the equation and gives a tantalizing glimpse of what a DIY punkpop medley might look like. The record has a little history of MW by Pete. Put out by Ferric Mordant Records but sadly sold out.

Dialling Tone
True Love Will Find you in the End/Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste

  • splendid zine - reference to Weddoes
  • NME: these people know what it's all about
  • Underpop: candid picture plus similar thoughts as mine own re: maturity of work
  • the WIMP cover art THE WIMP is Pete Dale. The record has the first two songs from the Milky Wimpshake tape done without the help of drum or bass. According to the liners, done in one take no less. Theme here is unreciprocal relationships, with lots of zany imagery, thankfully lacking in observational humor. Wish I could say the songs here somehow marry politics and punk rock, as the cover might indicate, but it's non-political quirk folk. "Screaming louder than loud"? Don't think so. Quiet punk, that wimp. Get it from those screamers at troublemanunlimited.
    Fake Fool
    Not Zombie
    At the same session, Pete recorded solo a number of political and non-political songs, which might have never be heard by human ears outside of New Jersey, except for the efforts of a line of tape exchangers culminating in Mr. D. Conroy, who purveyed it to me. The songs are a snapshot of what a rotten state of things were/are, and the joys despite it. Mp3s for all, except the 1st, which is on the Xmas CD below.
    Boxing Day
    No Accounting for Taste
    Trust Me
    Cowboys are Square
    Pure Conjecture
    Willow Rose
    Rodent Philosophy
    GM Blues
    Kosovo Blues
    Crime Sometimes Pays

    lovers not fighters cover art

    In 2002, Lovers not Fighters dropped like a love bomb to all us fans of good pop everywhere. The world's stereo systems rejoiced.

    The album has been characterized as "mature"; I quickly came to MW's defense before I realized that was a compliment. There are two songs about/against academia, one significantly catchier than the other, but both supporting the idea that being smart and well-read should not be an end of itself but should lead to questioning and actively resisting the bad parts of this modern world. Honor is paid to those who came before, voting is mentioned twice, alcohol receives its due, and "also" is rhymed with "torso". Matters of the heart are of course not neglected; "Dialling Tone" is about as persuasive an argument for infidelity as there could be. Here's the tracklist:

    Philosophical Boxing Gloves
    Dialling Tone
    Do What I Have to
    Second Generation M.C. Dropout
    White Liberal Guilt
            Didn't We?
    Jack Ass
    Bourgeois Blues '99
    Too Much, Too Drunk
    Lovers not Fighters
  • pitchfork media: if only the Gallaghers could be so humble
  • soundsxp: a revelation and an inspiration
  • ??: the romantic approach to politics
  • gullbuy: self-consciousness that avoids self-contempt
  • delusions of adequacy: entirely pleasant and endlessly enjoyable
  • splendid: simple. and complicated
  • Jyoti Mishra: more taking the piss
  • (Hey! Lemonade also came out on the Troubleman 2003 Sampler CD. Meow meow meow meow.

    Dialling Tone also came out on the Fortuna Pop! comp "Be True to Your School". From the liner notes, by the inimitable friend of all pop fans, Fortuna Pop!'s Presidente:

    I have been warned about Pete Dale. The Slampt überlord is a revolutionary communist and impossible to work with. He has "This machine kills facists" tattooed on his eyelids. He will have me sourcing record sleeves from small tribes in Papua New Guinea at vast expense. It's a pleasant suprise when I run into him at Pop-a-Go-Go! that he doesn't twist my arm behind my back and accuse me of breaking the 1985 miners' strike but instead asks if I'll release Milky Wimpshake records. This I am happy to do, especially if it avoids any more awkward questions about what I was doing in Nicaragua in '83. I'm told Pete mellowed when Steve Spraydog got into reggae and introduced him to the joys of weed, but I secretly suspect that actually he's just one of those good blokes. Wimpshake's records are pure punk-pop gold.

    A Christmas Gift from Fortuna Pop! v. 2
    a christmas gift cover art The great Fortuna Pop! label put out a record of Christmas-related songs in late 2002. Gospel it aint, but it's got a really pretty song by Homescience which is a winterized version of a certain MW album title. The Wimpshake contribution here, despite what certain heretics say, is stellar, reclaiming the holiday season from the clutches of marketting grinches.

    Boxing Day

    Needed: Heart Handbook
    needed: heart handbook cover art
    Three fine songs on perennial Wimpshake subjects: love, our rotten world, and being broke. Would the folks at Stax who penned "I Got Everything I Need" have ever anticipated it would be in such fine company across genres and oceans? Fuzz on side A and the Wimp solo on B. Of note to nerds: track #3 has a lyric which is repeated in a Wimpshake original, namely "Kickstart Affair." On a handsome '45 on Fabulous Friends records.

    Needed: Heart Handbook
    Rodent Philosophy
    I Got Everything I Need

    popshaped cover art

    Spring of 2005 saw the release of Popshaped a/k/a Tried and Tested Formula, filled with eighteen (yeah, life!) old and new songs. The back catalogue is deep and rewarding but the new stuff is, like many a companion animal, easy to love. With the exception of one song, all themes have gotten their due in previous songs but merit repetition: how we crush and how we love, ongoing influences by local and Canadian sources, the potential of representative democracy, the hazards of consumer society, and real heroes (e.g., Spiderman) over fake ones. The truly new thought here is getting even, which might involve leaving and might involve a more Dixie Chicks like outcome. Available from Fortuna Pop (U.K.) and Bitter Like the Bean (U.S.A.).

    Boxing Day Blues
    (I'm Saving Myself for) You
    Kickstart Affair
    Not Poetry
    You're Shaken I'm Stirred
    Sensible Shoe Blues
    Don't Get Down (Get Even)
    Needed: Heart Handbook
    True Love/Youth
    Cheque Card
    Here's to the State of Mr. Poodle
    My Heart Beats Faster than Techno
    Count to 3
    Milk Maid

    The Internet says "time to fall in love again," "a record to treasure," "great songwriting with tunes for a change," no different than other Wimpshake albums, "thank goodness," " un frullato di stili modellato a regola pop," "many standout songs," "sometimes folky in a handmade fanzine powered kind of way."

    Popshaped is #7 on Humanize magazine's list of its Favorite Albums of the 2000s.

    File this under Wimpshakesque: Pete Dale, playing with an illustrious backing band called the Beta Males released in February 2006 Betrayed By Folk. This protest record covers Hurricane Katrina, I.D. cards, Live 8, and dubious installations in the north of England, with positive nods to folk and R&B heroes and their contributions. There's lots against work and a bit on the intricacies of punk parenthood, e.g., the problems of entertaining a child while being interrogated by the police.

    The tracks:
  • Why I'm a Terrorist
  • I.D.on't
  • Menwith Hill
  • St. Bob?!
  • One More Parade
  • When the Morning Comes
  • Music Rules
  • Money (What's What I Hate)

  • Sounds XP nicely parses the title (and more),This is Lancashire thinks the album's point is somewhat obvious, One Dollar A Secret finds it too angry, but it might be the guilt, whereas Wide Open Road says it strikes the right balance between style and subtance, and Tasty argues the more Pete Dale, the more palatable a world.

    One Good  Use for My Heart cover Fall 2008 brought One Good Use for My Heart, a five-song EP on the Fortuna Pop! label. There's lot to love here ... pop/punk expectations and punk/pop realities, an anarchic duprass, and the metapop boast "I'll finish this song like I finish a beer." Ordering info at the Fortuna Pop! site.

    Reviews around the blogosphere at: Kitten Painting, Russell's Reviews, God Is in the TV, In Love with These Times, in Spite of These Times.

    Songs (and an mp3 or two):

    In April 2009, Pete Date of Milky Wimpshake played the played the "Phoning It In" radio show, broadcast on KDVS 90.3 FM in Davis, California, and on the Internet.The 27-minute show includes interviews, some old songs, and some new ones. All and all, an entertaining half hour. Here's the track lists, with approximate starts, interview bits in italics:
    0:00 - Intro,checking in, new album
    2:34 - Eyeball to Eyeball
    5:10 - Thursday
    7:58 - Touring, family as song topic, love songs after relationship success
    10:59 - Cherry Pop
    13:13 - I Don't Want to Take a Chance
    15:42 - Red Monkey R.I.P/Chronicity, other projects
    19:10 - Willow Rose -
    20:30 - A children's album
    22:14 - Alice Nebulae
    25:00 - I Love You, You Weirdo

    Milky Wimpshake's fourth album, My Funny Social Crime, came out in late Aught Ten. Pete's songwriting is in fine form---smart, funny, and pop-genre-intrepid. Fans will get what they expect in terms of themes, and some interesting new variations. The political stuff benefits by focusing on entrenched social and economic problems (the boredom of work, the brutality of police) instead of particular politicians.

    The social crime of the album's title, of course, is falling in love. The band are recidivists on this count. There's not only new love, on-again-off-again love, somewhat desperate love, mixed-up love, and love and the scene, but also psychedelic love and gay love. And there are two sweet songs about love in the 30s (not the decade).

    The production continues to get a little fancier; I hear strings, more backing vocals, and is that a xylophone? Add a guess spot by Amelia Fletcher and this the album inches towards "essential" territory.

    Most of the tracks are new but there are a few classics for good measure. "Clicking It" and "Itchy Feet" were both released on 7"s way back in the day, elusive records to find now. "Fuck the Rules" and "Share a Little Love" are from Pete Dale's inimitable R&B/punk songbook. A few of the newer tracks were previewed, o'er international phone lines, on Phoning It In (track breakdown supra). Click the song titles for lyrics ...

  • Alice Nebulae
  • Broken Again
  • Itchy Feet on a Tuesday Night
  • Share a Little Love with Me
  • One Good Use for my Heart
  • Patchwork
  • Thursday

  • Get the album at Fortuna Pop!, iTunes and Amazon.

    Here's what the critics say:

    • "I'm still here wondering quite why every band can't be like them." - A Layer of Chips
    • "A joyous thing to behold. Utterly unmissable." - Soundblab
    • "Great punk pop songs with fantastic lyrics about both the small and the big things in life." - Pennyblackmusic
    • "Do what is supposed to be done with an album like this: Go to the park, relax in the sun, have your pint, and let the others sing about the troubles of the trivial banalities of life." - Tasty
    • "Everyone should start digging for Milky Wimpshake; they will give you that pick-up-a-guitar hankering that ain't so familiar any more." - Narc "Have fun, change things, buy this and listen to it." - Unpeeled
    • "It's a win win situation ..." - Artrocker
    • "I can’t get this thing out of my head" - Austin Town Hall
    • "A very satisfying listen indeed." - Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

    The liners to the band's fifth album, Heart and Soul in the Milky Way, says there are no political songs, but that's not quite right. The opening song, the propulsive "Chemical Spray," seems to take a cynical approach to acutely political choices---how to eat, how to raise kids, and how to define oneself sexually. If it's not political, it's critical of an apolitical stance. (Elsewhere, Pete sings, "I know I'm acting kind of weird/My social conscience disappeared.") And, as The Girls Are points out, the account of relationships in the album's love songs is notably egalitarian and, well, mature. The songs aren't political in any doctrinaire way and better for that. But Pete could write clever songs about anything, including, in this case, record design.

    The love songs are what always gets me in any event, notably "Without You," a glorious back-and-forth duet and "Subject/Object," which ends "you are not a nun/I'm not a vicar's son/so come on, let's get it on." "Motormouth," has a little bit of "I Love You, You Weirdo" and the fantastic "La Di Da" follows Pete's long tradition of covering classics. Available at Fortuna Pop!, Spotify, Amazon, and iTunes.

  • Chemical Spray
  • On Top
  • You are the Bomb
  • Activated
  • La Di Da
  • (I'll Be Your) Subject/Object
  • Motormouth

    • "Chemical Spray" is "is everything you love about catchy pop music, with lyrics that find their way inside your subconscious, leaving you singing them for the rest of your day." - Austin Town Hall.
    • "Heart and Soul in the Milky Way proves [the band] remain true to their independent roots." - The Digital Fix
    • "The album’s undeniable focus is its heartfelt witticisms" - Drunken Werewolf
    • "Intelligent and literate without pretension, whimsical without self-satisfaction, these warm, honest bulletins from the soul are ultimately nothing less than incredibly life-affirming." - The Girls Are
    • "Heart and Soul in the Milky Way simply reaffirms Milky Wimpshake as leaders of the pop underground." - A Layer of Chips (w/ interview!)
    • "Milky Wimpshake are a band who were never supposed to last – a disposable band with a silly name. But while the music’s this much fun, we should be very glad they’re still around." - music OMH
    • "Still beautifully raw and unpolished they bring three-minute spangly punk pop cheer to your ears." - Neon Filler.
    • "Yet another great album from Newcastle’s finest" - Pennyblackmusic

    Watch the video for "Without You", filmed in the green room at the Lexington, London.

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