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'77 Punk Rock Boy


Alice Nebulae

Babylon Lovers

Ballad of the New Orleans Flood

Bar Code Punk

The Beautiful Game

Bedroom Love Song

Betrayed by Folk

Blow out at 80 Miles per Hour

Bourgeois Blues '99

Boxing Day Blues

Broken Again

Capitalism is a Perversion

Changing Shape

Cheque Card

Cherry Pop

Chewing Broken Glass

Clicking It

Coming Soon

Cowboys are Square

Count to 3


Crime Sometimes Pays

Dialling Tone

Didn't We?

Don't Get Down (Get Even)

Do What I Have to

Drum Beat Zoom

Electric Shock


Ex Boyfriend

Eyeball to Eyeball

Fake Fool

Fuck the Rules

Fuck Art, Let's Danse

GM Blues

Golgo 13


Here's to the State of Mr. Poodle

Heterosexuality Is a Construct

Hey! Brother Mine

Home is Where the Hate is


I Don't Want to Take a Chance

I Got Everything I Need

I Love You, You Weirdo

In Spite of These Times

I Wanna be Seen in Public with You

(If You Want to Know the Time, Ask a) Policeman

(I'll Be Your) Subject/Object

(I'm A) Worthless Person

(I'm Saving Myself for) You

In Spite of These Times

It Might Sound Dramatic

Itchy Feet on a Tuesday Night

Jack Ass

Kosovo Blues

Kickstart Affair

Knife Attack

La Di Da

Late Expectations


Leicester Square (You Stopped My Time)

Letraset Angle

Loose Lips Schtick


Lovers not Fighters

McCarthy in 2005

Meat-Eating Hippies

Menwith Hill

Milk Maid

Milky Cliché

The Mirror Stage

Money (What's What I Hate)


Murder in London

Music Rules

(My) Girl (in Brackets)

My Heart Beats Faster than Techno

Needed: Heart Handbook


No Accounting for Taste

Noam Chomsy Versus the Ramones

Not Poetry

Not Zombie

Nightclub Voyeur Cliche

Omnia Mea Mecum Porto

One Good Use for My Heart

One More Parade

Palm of my Hand

Parachute Drop



Philosophical Boxing Gloves

Phone Bill Fear

Ping Pong Lovers

Pressure Cooker Boy

Pure Conjecture

Putting Things Right

The Return of the Repressed

Le Revolution Politique

Rodent Philosophy

Roll a Disco

Sexual Deviant

(Show Me The Way To) Anarchy

St. Bob?!


Second Generation M.C. Dropout

Sensible Shoe Blues

Shaved Head Thrills

Shells and Shoes



Talking Newcastle Nuclear Nightmare

This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak for You)


Too Much, Too Drunk

True Love Will Find You in the End/Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste

Trust Me

Two Chord Trick

Uncool Jerk

When the Morning Comes

White Liberal Guilt

Why I'm A Terrorist

Willow Rose

Without You

Yeah, it's True

You are the Bomb

You Don't Look Twice

You Make a Nice Piece of Art

You're Shaken I'm Stirred