GM Blues



Walking down that supermarket aisle,
stopped, took a fruit and veg[ged] for a while
Waxy apple, shiny and new
almost looked too new to be true

I never knew apples could grow arms and legs
but I guess you can’t halt the wheels of progress

Well, I’m not a scientist, no Einstein
don’t bother thinking most of the time
but it makes no sense to me, it seems to me,
to reinvent what’s already free

Maybe it’s just good business sense

Like peasants evicted from the land,
we’re all being pushed by a giant hand
There aint much choice in what you eat
but that’s no reason to admit defeat

By the end of 1999, every GM test site
in Northumberland had been destroyed

Well, they say GM will feed the world,
save all the starving boys and girls
Somehow they forgot to mention,
the profit of this modification:

Terminated genes will force third world farmers
to buy seeds from corporations, year after year
when currently, they don’t need to buy any

Well, I leave you with this thought for now:
Fuck your scientific sacred cow

Cos it’s already possible to make enough food
to feed all of them and me and you

The problem aint lack of food
It’s lack of sharing