All seven Milky Wimpshake albums are available for digital purchase on Bandcamp. Thank you, Bobo Integral! 

For vinylheads, some of the more recent albums can be found around the Internet, but it’s mostly CDs out there. The band’s first 7″s are impossible to find, but the tracks (and often the liner notes) are on this site, along with the band’s debut release (on cassette), first album, some compilation tracks, a bunch of unreleased songs, and a live show from around the turn of the millennium. So piss off, Spotify et al!

🕯️for the 1990s, when an earlier version of this page had a list of mailorders and instructions on how to write me to get your own copy of the cassette, made from a two-deck boombox. For more nostalgia, check out Letraset Angles (listen), Phone Bill Fear, and the incomparable Roll a Disco.