Milky Wimpshake News

Corn Stealer video/gig

Pete from Milky Wimpshake is doing a new duo with Adam Fairhall (noted jazz pianist playing accordion in this combo) called 'Corn Stealer', 1st proper gig will be Newcastle on 1st Sept supporting the legendary Jon Langford, hopefully more shows to follow thereafter!

“Confessions” lyrics up!

Better late than never! I've made my best stab at the lyrics for each track and Pete, e'er gracious, corrected my several million Yank errors. Blurb and lyrics up for Confessions of an English Marxist! Get those bastards out of their seats!

2020 catchup: Pete solo vid

Back last May, Pete played a socially distanced solo gig in a lovely looking pub garden in Cheshire. Undoubtedly a solace then, and a solace now. Wimpheads like me will study the stickers on Pete's acoustic guitar. Thank you, Johnny Gibbs! And what a set! You Don't...

“Confessions” drops

Not remotely new news, but last October the band released a new album of catchy catchy tunes for this messed up moment. Confessions of an English Marxist comes on the band's new home, Madrid's excellent Bobo Integral. Vinyl sold out, but buy the digital album on...

Homepage Reborn?

Since this site’s birth in the 1990s, it’s sat atop the Google results for “Milky Wimpshake”, “Wimpshake”, and the odd “Whimpshake” search. But a while back the site dropped off Google, with most pages declared “duplicate without user-selected canonical.” Comrade,...