Since this site’s birth in the 1990s, it’s sat atop the Google results for “Milky Wimpshake”, “Wimpshake”, and the odd “Whimpshake” search. But a while back the site dropped off Google, with most pages declared “duplicate without user-selected canonical.” Comrade, this is all canon, Slampt-wise at least. So we’re giving it a go again, with WordPress help. If this takes, you’ll again see that slow trickle of lyric (mis)transcriptions and Facebook-gleaned gigs.


Update 6/5/19: The site has launched! Thanks to some expert help, songs play more easily and the site is legible on phones. The site still needs a bit of review, along with finally adding a blurb and lyrics for the Encore album and adding all the archived news. Feel free to report any omissions, mistakes, etc. to For newer news, go to the band’s Facebook page.