Itchy Feet on a Tuesday Night



How can I escape from the working week?
On a Tuesday night, I’ve got itchy feet
I’ve got itchy hands
I’ve got itchy brains
don’t wanna see my life going down the drain

Don’t want 9 to 5
cos its not my style
want to walk right out
want to run a mile
into the dark at night
I walk to the bridge
see the city lights
they look bright tonight

This may sound to you like a lazy song
from a lazy swine
who don’t know right from wrong
Let me just point out
I don’t mind hard work
if it seems worthwhile,
then I never shirk

But this job I’ve got
makes no sense to me
makes me feel a fool
I don’t wanna be
Want to live my life in a useful way
but it seems sometimes
that only crime can pay

So many objects in my way
So many people want me to do things I hate

In a public house I talk to the lads
who just want to be like their Mums and Dads
Get yourself a job
Get yourself a car
Get yourself a wife
But will it get you far?

Guess I’d like to get away from here
No thanks, I don’t want another pint of beer
Instead I’d go home
turn on the TV
turn it off again
cos it depresses me

So many objects in my way
So many people want me to do things I hate

Just to sign this off
before I go to sleep
on a Tuesday night
but I’ve got itchy feet

Let me tell you that
I take stuff from work
I take books and pens and machinery
No, I’m not ashamed of my thievery
Cos I’m just taking back
what was stole from me

Cos they take my hours
and they take my days
In exchange for the bare minimum wage
That’s the last thing I will say
cos I’ve got to go and prepare for the working day