’77 Punk Rock Boy



He’s got tattoos inside his lip
on his arms down to his wrist
tattoos all over his face
on his knuckles and around his waist
green mohican, spurs and chains
leather jacket (dirt engrained)
pint of cider is so swell
to destroy his last few brain cells

When he was 14 years old
he first heard the Sex Pistols
changed his life and his haircut
led him to his first headbutt.
Even though his brain has shrunk
he don’t care cos he’s too punk.
Pop music is what he hates.
He even hates Milky Wimpshake!

’77 punk rock boy
’77 punk rock boy
’77 punk rock boy
watching him pogo brings me joy


D C# D A (start/ chorus/ end)
D B G F# B G A (verse)
G A B C C# D (middle 8)