Babylon Lovers

I don’t wanna die
Yeah, but a worse thing
would be being alive
without you, sweet thing
And all those other guys
They’re not entitled to love you like I do

Come on, it’s not a crime
for me to love you
I only feel alive
when I’m beside you
I really can’t survive
without your fingers entwining into mine

A boy meets a girl
So what, they might say
And I sympathize a lot
I must say
Cos Babylon lovers are Babylon lovers
and yet I feel this way

My idea of fun
is half an hour
with you trapped in a lift
or in the shower
In fact in any place
my pretty flower
as long as we’re alone

The day that we first met
is ancient history
But how you make me feel
is still a mystery
It starts in my elbows
Then when you kiss me,
it spreads below my knees

A boy meets a girl …