Ballard of the New Orleans Flood



There is a town called New Orleans
and, brother, have you heard
that in the year 2005
the First World met the Third

The hurricane came o’er the waves
Katrina it was called
Get in your car, head for the hills,
the townspeople were warned

And those that didn’t own a car
or those who were too ill
The elderly and poor were left
to care of themselves

And when Katrina struck, her force
killed many thousands dead
but this death toll was just the start
Soon much more blood would shed

Cos if you don’t get food you die
I guess you all knew that
The government it seems did not
and on their ass they sat

The richest country in the world
somehow could not afford
to drop some water, medicine, and food
for its starving poor

But these were niggers, immigrants,
and white trash, so it seems
So when they took pills, drink, and food
from shops that made them thieves

Cos Anglo-Saxon Protestants
would never, ever steal
And so the governor gave the call
at lieu to shoot to kill

And on TV, we saw brown babes
a’screaming in the streets
The cripples in their wheelchairs
were dying in the heat

And so today, six since the flood,
I write for you this song
I leave you to decide alone
what is right and what’s wrong