Bar Code Punk



All mind’s closing…
All opinion’s forming…
By the third bar, you’ve made up your mind
did we pass or fail this time?

It isn’t the way that we play
it is in the way that we dress
punk rock is an attitude
do we past the test?

DIY ethics thrive in various scenes
diversity, originality is more important than speed
Conformity’s corrosive
it’s caustic to the heart
[something] negation
of one’s sense of [something]

Turn the clock back, bar code punk!
Turn the clock back, bar code punk!

There’s strength in diversity
and that’s what makes us thrive
What we forget will not be rekindled
by selling us back what we’ve already rescinded
Punk’s not a product, it’s zest for life
It’s only a product, when you let your spirit die