Bourgeois Blues ’99



She got the petty ennui of the bourgeoisie
That’s the Summertime Blues to you and me
She got time on her hands, no definite plans
so it’s a pretty good time to form a band

She looks at me
and in my mind’s eye I form a chord of “D”
but she insists on playing C flat 13
My guitar sounds clean
but she’s into that distortion scene
It’s getting hard for us to play in harmony

She got a million channels on her TV screen
and a million games for her games machine
She spends all day laying on the settee
and she can’t find the time to hang out with me

She looks at me…

I’m gonna take a walk to the BBC
and hijack a show on daytime TV
gonna send her a message through the TV screen
cos that’s the only way to get her to notice me

It seems to me
that she’s already getting bored of me
“Surplus to requirements,” that’s me
Perhaps it’s time
for me to go solo in a little while
I won’t phone you if you don’t phone me
and you don’t phone me