Broken Again



My heart has been broken again
Well, I wake in the morning with tears in my eyes
I’m sad and in pain

My heart is just choking again
Well, I can’t sleep at night
cos I can’t seem to sort out the thoughts in my brain

People cross the street to avoid me
Okay, I admit it: I’m starting to think paranoidly
I’m hurt and upset and I’m lonely
cos the look in your eyes if you do
(grants my way, so stone me)

When you said “Go”
my world was blown
apart and so
if you change your mind
give me a sign

My shirt is wet with my tears
cos now you’ve left, I face my greatest fear
My live is worth nothing without you
Can’t move forward, can’t move back
I’m a statue

I’m not a guy to give up trying
So I’ll say please
give me a chance
just one more dance

My heart is broken again
and I, I, I can’t take the pain