Capitalism is a Perversion


We’re money’s fools

It has its tools for me and you

Our time gets spent

on paying rent,

not growing food


They say that crime don’t pay

Well, that’s not what my wages say

And I keep working anyway

I can’t escape


On the TV, they’re telling me I can break free

All I must do is buy it to live happily

But on the bus to work

Well, I know I’m a stupid jerk

because I’m working for the bourgeoisie


I need to find a fast diversion

Capitalism is a perversion


From this tepid hell I need excursion

Capitalism is a perversion


The businessmen do S&M

then home for tea

The government is led by bestiality


The teenage boy gets porn

He gets so much it makes him yawn

It’s pouring every day from the TV


I see a pattern here emerging

Capitalism is a perversion