Dialling Tone

The 7″ called Dialling Tone has on one side a tribute to modern pop ballad aueters.  The other side is the best MW phone song, and that’s saying something. To further classify, Dialling Tone falls under the rubric of the “dump your boyfriend” song, and kiss my cliche-spawing grits if it doesn’t make me want to get a boyfriend and proceed. Catchy catchy catchy! The double barrel cover on the “AA” side shows the wimpy side of the equation and gives a tantalizing glimpse of what a DIY punkpop medley might look like. The record has a little history of MW by Pete. Put out by Ferric Mordant Records but sadly sold out.

2 Recordings   |    6min



Dialling Tone

True Love Will Find you in the End/Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste