Fake Fool



You say that I’m a fake
And you say that I’m a fool
You leave me no opportune but to agree with you
Shout me down – say I talk rubbish
then accuse me of never listening
to anyone else’s point of view

I hear you laugh at me
I guess I asked for it
Guess I should have bled to prove I was for real
I know you’re sneering, hating, waiting for me to fall
I guess I asked for it
I guess I asked for it

Saw you for myself again
In self pitying again
Yah, I’m wallowing
and wanting to phone you
I think I’ll have a bath instead
Or watch TV instead
Oh, I walk around in circles in my room

I hear you laugh at me…

Feeling upset and looking guilty
You sure know how to make me fell small
I hope you’re happy
I’m standing on your feet
and looking stupid
trying too hard

Too bad I have failed