First dance was a mistake
but the first night was amazing
I don’t dance so great
but your eyes were persuading

Who could guess
heaven would [push my button] with such power
in a social center in winter in Hackney?

First touch was our noses,
a bump into each other
That’s the way it goes-es
I had to phone my mother

I said “Mommy dear,
this is queer
My heart beats will to power
in a social center in winter in Hackney”

The verse repeats then the chorus comes
some things feel inevitable
Like melody and harmony and rhythm,
we go good together

First loss was the weekend
with Sunday feeling empty
Those two days were perfect
and I enjoyed them gently

Oh, but after that,
I found out I didn’t love life without you
since that social center in winter in Hackney
You took my heart, but you wouldn’t share my taxi