Heterosexuality Is a Construct

by Onsind

Homophobes are terrified
to admit that in their lives
there has been confusion in their minds
One more comment, one more joke
I won’t accept it
I will not tolerate intolerance this time

I’m not a heterosexual man
I’not ticking boxes, that’s not who I am
I don’t fit into your neat little plan
and I never will
I’m not a heterosexual man …

Jesus Christ, you’re full of it
You closet case, you piece of shit
I’d rather cut off my own dick than be like you
Did that make you uncomfortable?
Is your macho pride in pieces now?
Well, you can beat me up, but then what will you do?

Hey, I’m not a heterosexual man …

Love is not a crime
And I’d rather colour outside of the lines
Love knows no gender
It’s about time
You nailed your colours up next to mine

Love is not a crime …