Some folks believe in cards for I.D.
but I don’t, no I don’t
Cos you might feel safe with CCTV
but I don’t, no I don’t

Cos when Big Brother’s watching,
I picture him masturbating
And all his protection
turns out to be fiction

My daughter believes
in elves and fairies
but I don’t, no I don’t
Cos I know what’s really hidden in trees
It’s got a telephoto lens
And through it the Devil’s watching
every single move your making
depending, of course, on which street you’re walking

Check out where the house prices are rising
Cos that’s where the cameras are pointing
Check out where the business is booming
Therefore your I.D. they’ll be asking

I heard someone say that the police
protect us from the junkies
My wife seen the same uniforms
smiling while kicking old ladies

If it’s true that innocent people
have nothing to fear from I.D. cards
then why do police cover up their shoulders
when they work demonstrations?
Their shoulder pad numbers reveal their identity
Is that what they’re hiding?
Could it be the police are guilty criminals?