I Wanna Be Seen In Public With You



I wanna wanna be alone with you
Spend some time in your bedroom
I wanna wanna talk to you
I wanna listen to your records too

You can tell me your philosophy
I’ll tell you my sexual history

I wanna spend the night with you
Embarrass your parents too
Impress them with my reparté
Make them wish they had a son like me

I like to watch the way you talk
I’ll be the knife you can be the fork

I wanna be seen in public with you
I wanna be seen in public with you

I wanna beat you fair and square in chess
I wanna watch you get undressed
I wanna phone you at 5 am
I wanna waste some time with you again

Tell me honey if it can work
Am I a stud or just a jerk?

I wanna be seen in public with you…


Opening: D
Verse/Solo: G B C
Pre Chorus: G F# F B C
Chorus (i wanna be seen in public...): D C# D
And it ends on a big G chord