It Might Sound Dramatic



You hang around in the back of my mind
I think about you alot of the time
I know I shouldn’t now that you’re gone
but I can’t help it, though I know that it’s wrong

What can I do?
I can’t forget you
And I hate my memory
It might sound dramatic but it’s torturing me

When I’m sitting on the bus
I think about our nights of lust
I can waste an hour and a half
thinking ’bout you while I lie in the bath

What can I do…

I know that it’s a waste of time
to wish for someone who’s gone
It’s my greatest crime

When I see you out on the scene
I felt sad about what could’ve been
I should drop this and move on
so why do I cling to a past that is gone?

What can I do…

You never told me by the way
what I did wrong
It really doesn’t matter anyway