Jack Ass



Jack’s got an answer for crime and unemployment
not to mention a boon for the economy:
build more prisons, build the walls higher
lock them away for longer and longer

Manufacture jobs by building new prisons
prison staff, prison guards, administration
Capital Investment, privatization
They’re profit to be made from incarceration

Jack Straw, Jack Straw
He’s the physical embodiment of the law
And he knows about crime
and he knows about war
and I’m not voting for him anymore

I’ll give Jack’s opinion for what it’s worth:
There are two kinds of people on this earth
those who are good and don’t break the law
and those locked in prisons
cos that’s all they’re good for

Well I say to Jack:
Go ask your son
Is it possible for laws to bend
when all is said and done?
He blames the parents
when the children go astray
But he doesn’t blame himself
because he rules, okay?

Jack Straw, Jack Straw…

You can’t pull wool over Jack’s eyes
Peaceful protester’s are terrorists in disguise
It’s time that they learned to protest in silence
or else Jack will teach them a lesson in violence

Jack Straw, Jack Straw
He’s a difficult man to ignore
cos he protects the rich, imprisons the poor
He’s got that hand on that key in the door
Question his policies and he’ll give you what for
Well I’m not voting for him anymore
No more