Knife Attack



If there’s one thing which depresses me
it’s when you say I take things too seriously
How I can argue with you when you’ve gotta knife in you hands?
If there’s one thing that frightens me
it’s when you’ve got your arms around my neck
Maybe I watched too many scary films

In my worst dreams,
you’re trying to get me,
stick a knife into me

When I lie in my bed alone
I think you’re gonna come into the room
And batter me senselessly with a metal implement
Okay, I admit, I’m exaggerating for comic effect
But the fact remains that you scare me sometimes

In my worst dreams
you’re trying to get me,
stick a knife into me

If I sing this song honestly,
I have to admit that you’re lovely
and I think of you
more than fondly when I think of you

If there’s one thing I have to do
It’s spend all my time hanging out with you
It sounds rather oversentimental but it’s true, it’s true

In my best dreams
it’s you and me
sticking it to me