Kosovo Blues



Just past Macedonia, former Yugoslavia
Dropping bombs for peace, you know
orders from the U.N.O.

So don’t blame me, I’m just following orders

Smart bombs are such clever things
for killing women, babies, and kids
Cross our fingers for direct hits
but nine out of ten miss their targets

Now, that’s what I call smart

We bomb the bridges, tobacco plants
legitimate targets to break morale
A TV station we burned to the ground
because of the propaganda they spread round

It must be true they were spreading propaganda
it said so on the BBC!

Milosevic is a crazy swine,
killing Albanians all the time
a hundred thousand, the UN quoted
Turned out to be three, oh well, enough said

Statistics are useful, even if UN officials
make them up off the top of their heads

When Slobodan fell from power,
the UN claimed its finest hour
This justified their intervention
One thing they forgot to mention:

Many Serbians were so outraged by the West’s
use of bombs that they actually switched
allegiance in favor of Milosevic
Taking this into account, without UN intervention,
Milosevic might have actually fallen from power sooner

When bombs are dropped for TV screens,
like entertainment for the bourgeoisie
well I’m not going to sit and stare
at a television arms trade fair

If the UN are dropping bombs for peace
then I’m dropping the TV out the window