La Di Da



Now that we’ve agreed we’re in love
we’ll have to face the la di da
the eyewash
all of the fancy pantomine
I love you very much
I’ll try, love

I’ll bill and coo with your gruesome Auntie Susan
I’ll stay calm, I’ll play it cool
I’ll let your tetchy uncles
get me back up cross me heart
And I shan’t get shirty
when they say I look peculiar

I’ll be nice to your mother
I’ll come all over la di da
Although she always gets up me nose
I love you very much

And so I’ll smile and I’ll acquiesce when
she invites me to caress her scabby cat
I’ll sit still while she knits and whitters cross me heart
And I shan’t lay a finger on the crabby old batface

I’ll be polite to your daddy
frightfully la di da
Although he always bores me to my boots
I love you very much

And so I won’t boo and hiss
when he starts to reminisce
I won’t drop off, I won’t flare up
The runs he used to score
and how he won the war
Cross me heart
but I’ll have to grind me teeth
when he goes on about his rupture

I’ll behave at the wedding breakfast
I’ll be la di da, so help me
Hearty toasts and risque jokes
I love you very much, so help me

I’ll force a laugh for the flickering photographs
So have no fear, I won’t turn tail
And I wont run amok when the females chuck confetti in me ears
And I’ll stay off the whiskey and the gin and the pale ale

When we’re off on our own
No more la di bloody da
I promise we just won’t have the time,
we won’t have the time for such pantomines
Cos I love you far too much.