Letraset Angle



Well, they told me it’s a mistake
to wish for something you can’t have
It’s bound to make your heart ache
It’s really gonna do you harm, lad
But if you are like me,
it doesn’t matter what they say
It doesn’t matter what you do or think
You just feel bad

Here’s a little test case,
just a little example.
It gives me stomach pains
and makes my elbows feel awful
to think back to those times
when indie record designs
were stuck with PVA glue and Letraset angles

Oh Pythagoras,
You’ve passed on so much fun to us!
Oh, I want to get the bus
to the stationers; I got Letraset lust

In 1998,
you could still by a packet in Woolworths
But now the hour is late,
and I know nostalgia’s a fool’s curse
But I can’t help it, friends
cos through my rose-tinted lens,
computer-aided design just always looks worse

Oh Pythagoras,
Look what you have done to us!
Oooh, I bloody missed me bus
I can’t satiate my Letraset lust