Lovers Not Fighters



I told you before that I don’t wanna be a zombie
and that was no suprise coming from me
neither nor, as a matter of fact,
am I slow to offer a pacifist pact
because loving is my speciality, not fighting

Halfway up the hill we we’re both floating
sheep all looked suprised how we were voting
Two steps forward, then fall down
Why not join the underground?
Cos loving is my speciality, not fighting

Heart was jumping, head was racing also
I had half an arm across your torso
Clouds were singing “deja vu”
When I passed that sinful apple to you
and said “Go ahead, tuck in,
the fruit is tasty”

This song has a verse but has no chorus
police are out enforcing, looking for us
but we don’t care because we’re upside down
and Australia is the other way round
so we’ll ignore the man
hope they’ll do the same to us

Drinking cups of tea is a good thing to do
especially when your feet are tired and killing you
Lying down is better still
or I’ll just watch from the window sill
Or else if you’d prefer, then I can join you

Music can give energy to fight to
but I prefer the music to make love to
So I’ll remind you once again
that Wimpshake are not fighting men
The fact is we are lovers and not fighters