(My) Girl (in Brackets)

You’re my girl, in brackets
But I have to wait and hesitate before saying it
Cos you’re clear and emphatic
That you don’t belong to anyone, no denying it

And yet I feel, from my head down to my heels
That you are the one for me
And that’s why you’ll always be my girl in brackets

It’s my world in brackets
Though I know it’s much too big for me to keep claiming it
My heart’s not in a packet
It’s not on the shelf, and there is no wealth that could purchase it

And this I know
from my head down to my toes
That no one could ever own
who I am until the day my heartbeat’s static

It’s understood, I never would
Think I could own or take on loan your heart
though I never would

But I love your eyelashes

Even though you laugh and think it’s naff
When I’m saying it

But I spy, behind your glasses
And you can’t deny, there’s a look in your eyes
that’s betraying it

Yes, I suppose that deep down I’ve always known
So let’s put it in this way
For today you’re gonna be my boy in brackets
My girl in brackets
Postmodern brackets