Needed: Heart Handbook



In public I shout about you
In private I shout at you
It’s just something about you
I love you, but I doubt you
I ought to go and get you
instead I sulk, I bet you do too

A volcanic eruption
is a rude interruption
to logical discussion
and I’m not Jeremy Paxman
So if I lose my temper,
please try to keep your head

Can you tell me how
to make you lose that frown?
I need a guidebook or a map
to find a way straight to your heart

I’ll undo every button
on you shirt til I get in
Cos I want direct access
to the thump of your heartbeat
But there’s a chain around it
I need the key, confound it

Can you tell me how …
Gimme a map

Can you tell me how …
I got a find a way straight there, straight to your heart
Get a cake from the bakery,
take it straight to your heart