Not Zombie



I don’t want to be a big city cat
I don’t know how to be a person like that
I wanna go up and sleep on your front door mat
You can stand upon my head
You can fill my heart with dread
Would you like for me and you to get into bed?

We could try to do something new
You could kiss me right through
We could break into the flat next door
just to give ourselves something to do

You’re living faster than me
I’m sleeping longer than you
You’re sneaking up behind me
I’m screaming louder than loud

I don’t want to be walking dead
I don’t want to be a zombie
I don’t want to have to think about street cred
You can eat my shoes and socks
You can give me electric shocks
I’m leaping and running and jumping over walls
Trying to find a space to crawl
because it’s hard for me to stand up straight
because the ceiling’s too low and I am far too tall

You’re living faster than me…

I guess it’s a problem
We’ll sort it out