Rodent Philosophy



There’s more rats than humans in New York City
Yes, the Big Apple’s ridden with maggots
and the biggest rats of all are running the show
and funding their large cocaine habits

You can see the filthy streets
well, that sure aint heaven to me
But I take some pride
that I’ve got rats on my side
as we crawl beneath the streets of your city

The dirt’s on your hands,
no escape from the smell
pollution and too many people
The sun peeping over the skyscraper blocks
is obscured by smog clouds like treacle

I know it’s nothing new
to be horrified by this too
But maybe this city is ready to fall
I can’t stop myself from hoping

The eyes of the drivers glim maniac glee
The eyes of the cops shine with power
The eyes of the beggars don’t open at all
and they beg for fifteen cents an hour

It pains me to see
It’s coming for English cities
and the rats will come too
because they always do
Because rodent philosophy’s simple