Second Generation M.C. Dropout



I’m a second generation middle class dropout
I [really something] society
but I feel like I’m locked out
My mum read books and I read comics
I went to school but I learned nothing from it

I grew up in the 1970s
My parents got divorced when I was three
At school, I got three meals every day
because in those days Britain had a welfare state

My mum’s boyfriend and my older brother
used to have discussions with one another
they’d discuss Karl Marx at the dinner table
I’d try to understand but I wasn’t able

I grew up in the 1970s…

And now I’m older I realize
My mum undertood about real life
because you shouldn’t have to work
when you’re a single mother
I wonder if my mom was [exploiting] labor

Jesus taught me nothing
but my mum taught me one golden rule:
Don’t let the system play you for a fool