Seven Unlucky Sevens

Further proof that the Slampt record label is the paragon of virtue, they have released a CD (it’s like a small record) which contains out of print early 7″s  from such seminal bands as the Yummy Fur and Avocado Baby as well as our own heroes, Milky Wimpshake. It is the opinion of this milkywebmaster that “The Deviancy Amplification Spiral,” which takes up tracks 24-28, is MW at its finest hour. From the opening “I’m carrying a torch for you/I’ll carry your suitcase too, if you like” to the final “fuck you” rhyme on “Yeah, It’s True,” I can’t imagine a better record. And I have a wicked great imagination. Also includes proof that Pavement’s “Cut your hair” is not the best pop song about getting a haircut.




Clicking It

Roll A Disco

Shaved Head Thrills

Chewing Broken Glass

Yeah, it's True