Share a Little Love with Me



Everybody’s got somebody
At least that’s what the people say
Yeah, well I’m somebody’s got nobody
Love has never come my way

I never had much tenderness
My life has been sad and lonely
My life is in an awful mess
I’d feel so much better
if someone would only…

Somebody, share a little love with me
Yes, I’m begging you please
somebody, share a little love with me
Can’t you see that I’m lonely?

Sad and lonely
Loneliness is on my mind
Each day, I’m in an awful mess
and each night I’m crying
cos love I can’t find

It can’t go on much longer
I can’t ignore my heart’s demands
Each day my needs go stronger
After all, I’m only, only a man

And I need somebody
to share a little love with me…

Everybody’s got somebody…