Too Much, Too Drunk



When I spend all day with you,
why do we always seem to
drink until we can’t stand up?

You make me feel the need
to keep drinking til I can’t see
then I mumble something obscene
and fall asleep

Why do I keep drinking
until I start thinking
that I’m really on the brink of
saying something intelligent
but I rarely do
I just puke up

When I spend the night with you
I’m too drunk to know what to do
I wake up and drink island brew with a headache
Sometimes I wonder how it would feel
to kiss you when sober
how it would feel
to do it, I’d need nerves of steel
I haven’t got them

Why do I keep drinking…

When I wake up with headache,
I know I must have spent last night with you…

When I wake up with a stomach ache
I puke up