Well, she was French diasporic
So what
If she doesn’t know anything about the North
She got a short, short story of course
And she can tell it pretty quickly with Morse code

In a local pub she was known to empty
half a pint in half an hour
But it could be two pints of Powers
Eventually she would allow us all to talk to her, Vignette
The story always ends pretty quickly with her
I’m not stalking you, Vignette
But I’m on your trail like a souped-up snail, Vignette

Well, she’s a trust fund baby, they said

Which seemed pretty rich to the bourgeois Brits
The lower middle class just don’t get it
That we’re all really swimming in a sea of shit
But Vignette, she knows the score about the way the Twin Towers fell down
That the moon landing was on the ground
And that chem trails are still floating around

So I say, talk to me, Vignette
This song’s gonna end pretty quickly I think.
I’m not stalking you, Vignette
But I’m on your trail, you’re my Holy Grail, Vignette