When the Morning Comes



When the morning comes,
it comes around too fast
The evening slips by
Why can’t it just last
a little longer?
Why’s it have to pass so quick
that I feel like I’ve never left
my job, which I can’t stand?
And today I must demand
that forthwith in this fair land
is a change of plan

When my son was born,
I told myself that I would not
repeat my parents’ awful crimes
Hey mum, hey Dad,
Don’t worry, because I
see now that Larkin‘s parents messed his mind
My daughter’s school can’t stand
that my wife and I demand
that forthwith in this unfair land
there’s a change of plan

Organ solo

When all’s said and done,
the schools have one job,
this: to break you in
for all your life
to work and not complain
As parents we must not
accept that this will stay the same