White Liberal Guilt



I got white liberal guilt
I can’t help it folks, that’s the way I’m built
I got idealist blues
that brings me down each time I watch the news

I know it’s dumb but what can I say
I was just brought up this way
so spare a thought for the burden of guilt
that I carry around

I can’t take sugar in tea
and I only drink Fair Trade coffee
Gee whiz, hey, look at me
My shit don’t stink, would you believe?
But I can’t escape the sneaking thought
that coffee is still a bad export
for the workers who might well define
“fair trade” differently

[whistle solo]

I feel ambivalent
about my high ideals and my guilty bent
I’m just doing my best
so maybe I should give this shame a rest
But I even feel a guilty spot
for the guy that I ripped this tune off

Now here comes the final clue:
My mum was Catholic
that might explain it