Written by Hand


Written by hand

and underlined in red

To summarize, it said

that our days are done

There’s beauty in cruelty

It’s true

So let me just say:


Lines in the sand

can always be undrawn

with a foot swipe

and a determined heart

But I’ve got no urge to relent

My letter’s unsent


Some things can’t

ever be unsaid

Words spoken

lingers on in the head


Some things can

never be undone

Like what you did

when you got too much sun


Don’t wash your hands

The evidence is there

Anyway, I swear

that I’m watching you

You’ll never be clean of your guilt

and I’m full to the hilt


Some things can’t

ever be unwritten


is the apple you’ve bitten


You’ve been out

for too long in the sun

‘Cos you’re tripping

and, my darling, we’re done