Sensible Shoes Blues



She’s got sensible shoes
Well, she looks good enough to read the news
I wonder if she works for the BBC
Hey, goody two shoes, goody two shoes

She’s got serious needs
While I bet she likes her pie and peas
One small piece is enough for me
The rest is for you, the rest is for you

Her briefcase is her kit
I wonder what she keeps in it
I don’t think much would fit
I don’t think much would fit in that thing

Seriously, am I imagining it
or she is staring at me?
Well, I feel like a cup of cold coffee
Hey, please don’t stare, please
Please don’t stare, please

I’m no business of yours
and I don’t work in uniform
and I don’t wear a three-piece suit
Hey, funny lady, funny lady

Her briefcase is her kit…