Show Me the Way to Anarchy



I’ve got a question for you, dear
May I just briefly have your ear?
Show me the way to anarchy
My armchair’s got a hold of me

Outside, the leaves are turning brown
The world insists on spinning round
Can you arrange a new dawn?
So show me…

I’ve got some lovebombs in my sock
Your heart could make them all go off
You found the fuse and lit the tip
I’m not complaining about it

Outside, the cops are on the beat
Your pulse is right against their feet
You’re right against them, my friend,
So show me…

Where are the rude boys to stop them all?
Where are the riot grrrls
in our hour of greatest need?
Where are the mohawks to stop the war?
Is it just gonna be you and me?


I love the way you skip their fist
It’s confrontation with a twist
They don’t know which–to laugh or cry
Gordon, watch out for custard pies

I want to be as punk as you
Which book will show me what to do?
Tell me the book I should read
I’m joking

Because the good boys don’t need to be told
that real punk girls know how to be bold
You don’t need mohawks, but punk attitude
which always starts here with me and you…

Truth, oh there’s trouble at the top
Bush fires can be quite hard to stop
A change of regime would be good
If I could change it then I would

Oh, but that serpent’s got some heads
All politicans make their beds
Is anarchy round the bend?
Here’s hoping …