Home is Where the Hate Is

Like it says in the liner notes, a release about what’s wrong with England: provincialism, materialism, conformity, etc. But so much more…a battle between nostalgia and reality, classroom cliques as indicative of larger societal problems, the possibility of moments stolen from an overwhelmingly vapid lifestyle. Dedicated to two high school sweethearts who we hope didn’t get married. Thick vinyl, fine coverwork (note phone ‘BRRING’ing and valium). “Itchy Feet” is the best subversive MW since “Hey Brother Mine,” and equally high on the Grand Catchiness Scale. Makes me want to piss in coffee and get out of this two bit town. [Ed. note — I did, the town part, not the coffee one]. On Libellous Vinyl.


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Home is Where the Hate is

Itchy Feet on Tuesday Night