My Funny Social Crime

Milky Wimpshake’s fourth album, My Funny Social Crime, came out in late Aught Ten. Pete’s songwriting is in fine form—smart, funny, and pop-genre-intrepid. Fans will get what they expect in terms of themes, and some interesting new variations. The political stuff benefits by focusing on entrenched social and economic problems (the boredom of work, the brutality of police) instead of particular politicians.

The social crime of the album’s title, of course, is falling in love. The band are recidivists on this count. There’s not only new love, on-again-off-again love, somewhat desperate love, mixed-up love, and love and the scene, but also psychedelic love and gay love. And there are two sweet songs about love in the 30s (not the decade).

The production continues to get a little fancier; I hear strings, more backing vocals, and is that a xylophone? Add a guess spot by Amelia Fletcher and this the album inches towards “essential” territory.

Most of the tracks are new but there are a few classics for good measure. “Clicking It” and “Itchy Feet” were both released on 7″s way back in the day, elusive records to find now. “Fuck the Rules” and “Share a Little Love” are from Pete Dale’s inimitable R&B/punk songbook. A few of the newer tracks were previewed, o’er international phone lines, on  Phoning It In..


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Alice Nebulae

Broken Again

Itchy Feet on a Tuesday Night

Share a Little Love with Me

One Good Use for my Heart



Cherry Pop


Murder in London

Clicking It

Fuck the Rules

Eyeball to Eyeball

Changing Shape