Popshaped a/k/a Tried and Tested Formula

Spring of 2005 saw the release of Popshaped a/k/a Tried and Tested Formula, filled with eighteen (yeah, life!) old and new songs. The back catalogue is deep and rewarding but the new stuff is, like many a companion animal, easy to love. With the exception of one song, all themes have gotten their due in previous songs but merit repetition: how we crush and how we love, ongoing influences by local and Canadian sources, the potential of representative democracy, the hazards of consumer society, and real heroes (e.g., Spiderman) over fake ones. The truly new thought here is getting even, which might involve leaving and might involve a more Dixie Chicks like outcome. Available from Fortuna Pop (U.K.) and Bitter Like the Bean (U.S.A.).


lyrics etc.

Boxing Day Blues

(I'm Saving Myself for) You

Kickstart Affair


Not Poetry

You're Shaken I'm Stirred

Sensible Shoe Blues

Don't Get Down (Get Even)


Needed: Heart Handbook

True Love/Youth

Cheque Card


Here's to the State of Mr. Poodle


My Heart Beats Faster than Techno

Count to 3

Milk Maid