Lovers not Fighters

In 2002, Lovers not Fighters dropped like a love bomb to all us fans of good pop everywhere. The world’s stereo systems rejoiced.

The album has been characterized as “mature”; I quickly came to MW’s defense before I realized that was a compliment. There are two songs about/against academia, one significantly catchier than the other, but both supporting the idea that being smart and well-read should not be an end of itself but should lead to questioning and actively resisting the bad parts of this modern world. Honor is paid to those who came before, voting is mentioned twice, alcohol receives its due, and “also” is rhymed with “torso”. Matters of the heart are of course not neglected; “Dialling Tone” is about as persuasive an argument for infidelity as there could be.


lyrics etc.


Philosophical Boxing Gloves

Dialling Tone

Do What I Have to

Second Generation M.C. Dropout

White Liberal Guilt


Didn't We?


Jack Ass

Bourgeois Blues '99

Too Much, Too Drunk


Lovers not Fighters